Basic information about module

The Instructions editor was created with the aim of better linking the activities of the technology / production and quality departments. The new instruction is assigned to a specific process step of FMEA, resp. process element type 4M. The author of the instruction may or may not use the following data:

  • Name and designation of the process step, element, location
  • List of functions of the given process step / element
  • List of potential defects including photos
  • List of inspections performed
  • List of watched characters
  • Additional fields and dials across EISOD X modules

The editor also offers definitions of standard elements, ie arrows, simple images, etc. It is possible to easily and reproducibly create:

  • work instructions,
  • control instructions,
  • defect catalogs.

The Instruction is a managed document in the EISOD X system. It goes through a commenting and approval workflow. The complete history of the instruction is stored. When changing an already approved document, a new version is created.

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