Software system


… is the latest version of SW system EISOD, which brings significant news:

  • Access to documents and data via a web browser from a computer, tablet, or phone
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Enhanced data security system incl. encrypted transmissions
  • Encryption of the documents and folders
  • Controlled process of document shredding and archiving in accordance to a valid legislation
  • Integration with a third-party systems via web services

EISOD X was developed to streamline and improve the workflows of the organization and to enhance their data security. We thought during the development about the needs of today’s organizations, the threats that affect them, and we took into account the different segments of their work. Therefore, EI-SOD X consists of a number of modules, which we believe will help any company (regardless of its size or focus).

EISOD was originally developed especially for electronic administration of company management sys-tems, including proving of management system capability according to ISO 9001, 14001, IATF 16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 27001 standards etc.

EISOD is designed as a multi-user system and is based on the client/server architecture. The server hosts all managed data and databases that are used by individual users. End users work with the information system through a web browser. As a result, the system can be deployed in the company very quickly, without complicated user training. The system can be operated with minimum hardware requirements, which also saves operating costs. The thin client respects the responsive design principles and allows ac-cess through mobile devices.

The system is supplied as “license-free”, i.e. its price does not increase depending on the number of users of the system. Therefore, it can be implemented in the entire scope of the company’s activities and thus meet the requirements for management of the management system according to all established standards and their specific requirements.

Each user / group of users has specified access rights and roles that determine the scope of activities that he/she can perform in individual modules and data sets. EISOD provides internal control and monitoring of access of individual users to the system. System allows to inspect who, where and where from did any data change. EISOD enables a quick view on solving or not solving individual tasks connected e.g. with the creating new revision of a document, records, process, etc., familiarization with a new revision, imple-mentation of corrective action from nonconformity cards, etc.

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