Control Plans

Basic information about module

The Control plans module responds to the needs of production plants to continuously monitor the quality of production on the production lines in order to achieve the highest possible quality of production. The module is designed for:

  • creation of control and management plans,
  • administration of control and management plans,
  • data collection and evaluation.

The individual plans are linked to the products in the Product catalog (Product Data Management, PDM), the definition of controls can be taken from the detection measures in the PFMEA. PDM + FMEA + CP modules also have linked versions.

Data collection

Data collection according to defined Control Plans is possible in several ways:

  • automatically thanks to the connection of the gauge with the EISOD X system,
  • by manually entering the measured values (even into a tablet or mobile phone),
  • by writing measured values to automatically generated print reports.

All employees of the company, with graduated rights, can access the system

  • according to the product they are in charge of,
  • according to functional classification (team leader, controllers, etc.).

Every employee who participates in the ongoing management of production quality has access to current Operation Standards at any time. The data can be accessed easily from a computer or mobile device by taking a QR Code at a controlled location.

Data evaluation

Data evaluation takes place immediately and automatically. When the intervention limits are exceeded, the responsible persons are informed by e-mail. Thanks to this, possible non-compliance with the production quality standards set in the Control Plans can be detected in time. Subsequently, a change procedure can be initiated with the imposition of a corrective measure, including validation of the implementation of this measure in the form of a revision of the relevant Control Plan.

More information about Control Plans Module here.

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