Audit, nonconformities and corrective actions management

Basic information about module

The module is suitable for managing all types of audits according to any standard, customer requirements or their combinations. You can easily create the following items in EISOD X:

  • Audit program (long-term)
  • Audit including auditplan
  • Audit checklist
  • Nonconformity or opportunity for improvement
  • Actions (immediate correction, corrective and preventive action)

All entities are logically interconnected and automatically passed on between employees with the appropriate roles:

  • Founder of the program
  • Founder of the audit
  • Manager of the standard
  • Lead and secondary auditors
  • Audited persons
  • Technical experts and observers
  • Audit evaluator
  • Person responsible for the area (for nonconformities)
  • Person responsible for implementing the action

The workflow according to which the audit, nonconformity or action is managed corresponds to the ISO 19011 standard and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements.
Persons involved in the audit can see at any time what steps are currently expected of them or are notified by email. It is also possible to set the sending of escalation emails to superordinates if deadlines are not met.
An audit report is automatically generated and can be exported in various formats.

More information about module Audit, nonconformities and corrective actions management here.

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