Product Data Management

Basic information about module

The Product Data Management module (Product catalog) is used for:

  • management of drawing documentation, including versioning,
  • hierarchical connection of parts in assemblies (bill of material – BOM),
  • default data source for FMEA and Control Plans modules.

The BOM can be created directly in the EISOD X system, filled in by importing data from another source (eg digital drawing), or synchronized with a third-party application.

Any number of features (characteristics) and their values, including tolerances, can be assigned to each product. These are controlled in other modules (FMEA, Control Plans) and evaluated (process eligibility, SPC).

Individual products can be represented in the form of a hierarchical chart. It is thus possible to set any product as part of another with all the resulting dependencies in the other modules that are associated with this step. Products can be edited in the chart simply by moving parts. Changing the product version automatically creates a request to change the FMEA and Control Plan version.

The hierarchical chart is also linked to the approval process, because each modification of a part leads to changes in the project or even projects. For each part / product, it is defined who should approve the changes in the given version. The history of individual versions of parts / products, including their workflow (who approved × did not approve, why it was not approved, the change was incorporated, etc.) is stored in the module to preserve the audit trail.


Product and process features are a property of a product – a part. Characters and their parameters can also be imported from IS or third party documents. The parameters of the character are also used in follow-up modules for evaluating the fulfillment of the required qualitative parameters, even with the possibility of using SPC.

Characters can be copied between parts to take advantage of the synergistic effects of a single database environment.

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