• 15. 12. 2021

Plans for year 2022

Plans for year 2022

Plans for year 2022 150 150 linda

Institut průmyslového managementu (IPM) has been developing the EISOD system for more than 20 years and will continue to do so in the following year as well. We are planning several big news, a lot of smaller ones and we also expect to implement some good ideas for improvements that come from our customers and business partners.

For our basic module DOCUMENTATION MANAGEMENT (DMS) we have, among other things, the following To Do list:

  • AUTOMATED DATA RECOGNITION – So far, EISOD X has been transmitting data to documents, now it will be able also in the opposite direction.
  • REWRITING THE TEMPLATE ADJUSTMENTS TO EXISTING DOCUMENTS – e.g. if the customer changes the logo, he will be able to modify it in all existing directives, work procedures, etc. at once
  • AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT NUMBER GENERATION – this is not new in EISOD X, but it will also be possible to transfer data from more different sources into the automatic chain.

And then there’s the group of modules for manufacturing companies. Here is and will be our main topic the INTERCONNECTION:

  • In the current form of the system, the following modules communicate briskly: Flowchart – Product Catalog – harmonized FMEA – Control Plans – Data collection and analysis.
  • INSTRUCTIONS will be added to this group in January or February – a clever graphic editor of work instructions, which offers but does not enforce data from the product catalog and FMEA
  • A new connection with NONCONFORMITIES from audits and complaints will be added – logically they will enter into the analysis of possible defects, their consequences and causes in FMEA
  • The MEASUREMENT DEVICES module can be used as a data source for the Product Catalog, FMEA and Control Plans

Of the smaller plans, let’s name at least:

  • Adding an 8D report to a complaint type nonconformity
  • Expanding the number of MSA analyzes
  • Adding the confidence intervals to the short-term and long-term capability calculation
  • Filter improvement for sorting rows and tasks in FMEA

Want to know how it all works and where the news will appear? Feel free to contact us!

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