Gauge and Technical Facilities Administration

Basic information about module

In this module it is possible to manage and register any types of items, e.g.:

  • gauges,
  • establishments,
  • cashiers,
  • machinery,
  • tools,
  • forms,
  • training, etc.

Multiple virtual databases can be created for items of different types, and items from different databases can be superior or subordinate to each other (eg the establishment is superior to the cash register and the scales that are located in it). Different access rights can be set for each database for individual users or groups of users (eg salespeople, service technicians, etc.). Various measurement system analysis (MSA) methods are available for gauges.

User-defined fields


The individual items have common basic fields Name, registration number, manufacturer, etc. In addition, any number of user fields can be defined, which can be of the following data types:

  • Number,
  • Text,
  • Yes/No,
  • Date,
  • Periodic action,
  • Periodic numerical action.

The last two types are key, they can be used to monitor deadlines and set alarms (sending e-mail notifications with low severity, eg for the upcoming revision date, or with high severity after exceeding the date of the periodic event).

Additional functionalities

The system enables advanced search and filtering of items in databases. A complete history is recorded for each item, including financial costs associated with individual events – automatically and with the possibility of manual entry, such as non-standard events on the machine, etc. It is possible to create tasks for individual users, including monitoring deadlines and recording financial costs.

More information about Gauge and Technical Facilities Administration Module here.

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