Optimization of company processes

The optimization of business processes follows on the creation of the process organization, ie. on the processes of the company, which are to be described and analyzed.

Basic process optimization, so-called continuous optimization, is performed as a part of the analysis and the description of the current state of the company’s organization. Within the optimization of the company’s processes, variants of target processes are defined. The initial basis for defining variants of target processes is a SWOT analysis and criteria set within it for evaluating the performance and effectiveness of existing business processes. Based on the weight comparison of the values of the criteria, which bring the individual proposed variants of new processes, the selection of the most suitable variant is performed.

From the proposed target processes, an agreed structure of the organization is then developed, which is documented in the form of an organization chart. Organizational measures to ensure new target processes are also set. If the target processes and the target organizational structure of the company are created and defined, the entire process organization within the company will be defined. In this phase all employees are informed about the new process organization and about the consequences that follow from it. Subsequently, the individual changes will begin to be implemented in the life of the company. The implementation of a process organization usually consists of the implementation of an accepted and approved solution for the individual process areas. The stage of definition and implementation of the process structure is immediately followed by the stage of control and verification, in which the target processes are examined regarding to the accepted and expected goals of the company. Essential data for the evaluation of the process organization, its fulfillment and achievement of the adopted goals of the company can be obtained directly from the information system. For example, workflow systems provide evaluations of lead times, capacity utilization, and costs for supported processes. The regular success check initiates measures for a further adjustment of the company’s processes and relevant information systems solutions. The goal is Continuous Process Improvement. We will be happy to provide you with a more detailed information on company process optimization at obchod@ipm-plzen.cz.

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