EFFECTIVE AND SECURE MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY PROCESSES EISOD X comes to use from middle enterprises to multinational holdings. ON DIFFERENT DEVICES USE THE FULL POTENTIAL You can use EISOD X on PCs, tablets or smartphones. USE IN MANY DIFFERENT ENTERPRISES EISOD X comes to use from middle enterprises to multinational holdings.

EISOD X advantages

The EISOD system is a tool for, but not only, administrating a management system in accordance with an ISO standard. EISOD offers a set of independent modules which you can use to effectively manage and keep company documentation, implement process management, measure process performance, manage business cases and relationships with customers and suppliers according to your needs. EISOD also provides audit management, measuring device management and much more.


Data loss or leak risk minimalisation
Encryption of sensitive documents and information
Detailed rights management system


User works always with current and valid information
Document approval process quickening
Automatic e-mail notifications
Quick search for information


License for unlimited number of users
Unified interface from PC and mobile devices
Quick implementation in just days
Minimal hardware requirements


Provable employees familiarization with documents
Complete work history logs


Management of documented information according to system standards (e.g. ISO)
Support for GDPR requirements
Archiving and shredding management


More than 30 years of experience and cooperation with significant customers in EU
More than 200 satisfied customers

Our philosophy is


Tell us needs of your enterprise. We can prepare modular solution for effective operation.

EISOD X modules

Overview of fundamental EISOD X modules.
In case of special needs we can develop and implement further modules right for you.

Document and records management

Complex solution of electronic document management not only according to ISO standards.


Complex business process model creation and integration of management systems and process organization with possibility to model ICT infrastructure and its process connections.

Audit, nonconformities and counter measures management

Management and prove of quality of internal, external, product, process and system audits realization and findings management,

Measuring and dedicated equipment management

Measuring and dedicated equipment management and keeping record of revisions, calibrations, repairs, etc. Module can be connected with HelpDesk module for faults reporting.

Product Data Management

Keeping record of products, their breakups and versions. Support for complex, intertwined and multilevel approval workflows.


Application of harmonized FMEA according to VDA/AIAG in analysis of potential faults of product or process.

Control Plans

Consistent control plans according to FMEA creation. Continuous quality control on production lines for achievement highest production quality.

Production data collection and evaluation

Automatic or hand-operated production data collection and SPC methods application for measuring systems and processes analysis and capability evaluation with feedback to FMEA.


Module for management of internal and external requests. Module can be connected with other EISOD modules or external data sources of items, to which requests can be connected.

Claims management

Customers and suppliers claims management

Project management

Complex projects life cycle management – planning, control and measuring of projects, their sources, tasks and finances.



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