• 6. 12. 2021

Measurement devices and other equipment

Measurement devices and other equipment

Measurement devices and other equipment 150 150 linda

This module from the EISOD X family is designed to manage measurement devices or any other items that require registration and periodic actions.

It is suitable for metrology management (MSA), but also for managing stores with cash registers, turbines, or stop signs – these are just a few examples of use from our customers.

The system of code lists allows user-defined individual fields in the device tabs. It is possible to set up an inspection (revision) for each item, either with a regular deadline or an individual revision. Alarms are used for alerting to upcoming revisions.

The so-called “logical databases” are used in this module, which separate data. When the user first enters the module, he is asked to select the logical database in which he wants to work. (Alternatively, if he is already in the module, it is possible to switch between individual logical databases – by selecting in the top menu).

All records created in the currently selected database are not visible in the other databases. In addition, logical databases are used to set access rights – only defined users can work with registered objects and code lists, only other defined users can view objects, etc.

Tasks can be created for devices, which include a simple workflow and the possibility of setting up a person responsible for the task (e.g. it is necessary to take the measurement device for calibration, etc.).

It may be desirable to register equipment in the system together with the possibility for other users to report some defects on the equipment.

Another module of the EISOD system, the Helpdesk module, can be used for reporting the defects/demands. Both modules can be interconnected efficiently.

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