• 14. 9. 2021

Quality plan

Quality plan

Quality plan 150 150 linda

The quality plan is not only a new extension of the Product Catalogue module, but also a smart phone application that supports team cooperation and can be used both online and offline.

Do you have a complex project / product that needs to be tested by a whole team?
The project manager defines the product and the individual workplaces at which the inspections are to be performer in EISOD X.
Employees/team members responsible for performing the inspections log in EISOD X via their PC or in the application via tablet, iPad or mobile phone at their workplace. Then they fill in the required data, upload photos or other attachments.
If the user is not within WiFi range, the application works offline and is synchronized after logging in to the network. Of course, the data connection can also be used, just be careful by uploading e.g. videos as attachments, which can consume the data limit quickly.
The project manager sees all data immediately after upload / synchronization and can display different variants of analysis.

The Quality Plan can be customized and extended according to the customer’s needs.

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