Quality Plan

The quality plan is based on the Product Catalogue module, but is adapted for the management of large projects in which a wide team of people participate and which are implemented in various locations. Of course, it can also be used for smaller projects.

A mobile application is associated with working in the web information system, which allows you to record the results of quality controls in individual locations. The application can be used both online and offline, whether in production plants or on a construction site. As soon as the network is available, the application is synchronized with the data in the web system.

The Quality Plan module also works with MS Excel, specifically with a form that is easily created from a template by the project manager and which contains a list of controls required to ensure the planned quality of the project. The default template can be customized according to customer requirements.

This default Excel file is then loaded into the EISOD X system, which structures the project into installations (subproducts) and allows their further management. Each subproduct represents an individual inspection plan for a specific installation. This allows more flexibility in further work in the system.

After selecting a specific installation, a protocol opens to be filled out. This can take place in both the mobile application and the web browser. The project manager or other authorized person can then view various quality plan reports.


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