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EISOD X modules

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Module Document management – DMS

  • Complex solution for electronic document management not only of management systems according to ISO standards.
  • Managed circulation of documents in company.
  • Documentation availability to every company employee, always and in valid condition.
  • Creation, suggestion and approval of documents driven by workflow. Support for regular reviews and archiving and shredding process. No risk of missing to review any of documents or to incorrectly work with invalid documents.
  • Possibility to use the module for other processes in document management domain – offers, contracts, invoices, …
  • Support for signing documents with electronic signatures.
  • E-mail notifications in case of there is an action to be done in system.
  • Verifiable proof of getting acquainted with documents for relevant employees incl. customizable tests.

Module ORYX QPM – Process modelling

  • Creation of complex business process modules of enterprises.
  • Integration of quality management and process organization.
  • Support for ICT infrastructure modelling in connection with process model.
  • Database analysis and reporting from process model.

Module Audits, nonconformities and corrective actions management

  • Management and controlling of quality of realization of internal, external, product, process and system audits.
  • Management of recommendations, nonconformities and preventive actions.
  • Unified record of findings available to all relevant employees.
  • Risk elimination of omitting any steps in audit processes, managing of nonconformities and corrective and preventive measures.

Gauge and Technical Facilities Administration

  • Management and records keeping of measuring and dedicated equipment and their revisions, calibrations, repairs, etc.)
  • Thanks to easy user customization can be any periodical actions managed in this module.
  • Risk elimination for missing required actions with notification system.
  • Integration with HelpDesk module (or external other data source) for reporting of faults and requests for devices.

Module HelpDesk

  • Management of internal and external requests in different areas (ICT infrastructure, equipment, devices, etc.)
  • Support for SLA incl. enforcement and reporting
  • Support for team workflow.


Module Product Data Management

  • Records of company products and their mutual connection (bill of materials)
  • Possibility to connect to external data sources.
  • Tight integration with FMEA module for ensuring data consistency.
  • Product characteristics are used in all other “manufacturing modules”.
  • Support for complex intertwined and multilevel workflows for approval of new product versions by all stakeholders.

Module FMEA Analysis

  • Application of harmonized product (defign) and/or process FMEA
  • Increasing the safety and reliability of products.
  • Reducing warranty and service costs.
  • Shortening the development process.
  • Tight integration with Product Catalog and Control plans to ensure data consistency.
  • Support for multi-user FMEA editing.

Module Control Plans

  • Continuous control of production quality on production lines to achieve the highest possible production quality.
  • Creation and management of Control Plans and related documents.
  • Strict ensuring consistency of Control Plan vs. PFMEA.
  • Possibility of online distribution of Control Plans to production sites.

Module Production data collection and evaluation

  • Support for automated or manual collection of data from production with notification of involved persons of the need to perform sampling.
  • Continuous evaluation of measured values and their compliance with requirements, notification in case of deviation.
  • Application of the SPC method in the analysis of measurement systems and process capability evaluation.
  • X-R, X-s and Me-R analysis with clear graphic outputs generated both on request and automatically.

Module Complaints management

  • Management of records, solutions and evaluation of complaints from customers and suppliers.

Module Project management (partner solution)

  • Management of complete life cycle of projects – planning, management and measurement of projects, their resources, tasks and finances.
  • Reports for project managers and company management.

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