FMEA analysis

Basic information about module

The module uses the current (harmonized) VDA / AIAG methodology for the analysis of risks that may arise during the design or production of the product, ie during the production process.

  • Construction, design FMEA (DFMEA) builds on the Product Catalog module, takes over its BOM and versioning
  • Production, process FMEA (PFMEA) is connected to the Product Catalog and is directly connected to the Control Plans module, detection controls in PFMEA automatically create a Control and Management Plan.

The FMEA analysis consists of:

  • Analysis of a structure (network, tree of parts / process elements)
  • Analysis of functions
  • Analysis of potential defects, their consequences and causes
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Risk optimization

The risks, that potential defect brings, are assessed by three indicators

  • Significance of the consequence of the defect
  • Probability of occurrence of the cause of the defect
  • Probability of detecting the cause of the defect

When optimizing risks, measures are defined that are assigned to specific persons. The EISOD X system then reminds these persons of meeting the set deadlines by means of notification emails. The analysis can be displayed as an AIAG / VDA form, or as a network of elements, functions, defects. It can be continuously exported to Excel.

Integration with other modules

The FMEA analysis module is connected with other modules so that the creation of FMEA is automated as much as possible and can be continuously supplemented so that it remains a live document and converges all technical and qualitative information related to the product. It can also function as a way of writing the knowledge gained, Lessons learnt. The links work between the following modules:

  • Process diagrams (process modeling)
  • Product catalog
  • Control Plans
  • Audits (or findings from them)
  • Complaints management
  • Production instructions

EISOD X supports the creation of generic and family FMEAs, to save time and prevent errors.

More information about FMEA analysis Module here.

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