Complaints management

Basic information about module

The module manages the complete complaint cycle:

  • Acceptance and registration
  • Settlement, or refusal
  • Evaluation, including cost analysis
  • Lessons learnt

The database is divided into complaints from customers and against suppliers. The system allows these complaints to be paired. The complaint workflow is carried out according to the 8D methodology, resp. 4D. It also contains a nested workflow for solving corrective and preventive measures. Automatically are generated these forms:

  • 8D report (resp. 4D report)
  • Complaint report
  • Complaint processing
  • Nonconformity cards

In addition to standard fields, the 8D report can be supplemented with user fields of the text, number, date or selection of values. Complaints are linked to data from other modules:

  • Product catalog
  • FMEA
  • Audit management

Interested parties are informed about the change in the complaint status by e-mail notification.

We prepare this module individually for each customer.

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