• 3. 11. 2021

Instructions in EISOD X

Instructions in EISOD X

Instructions in EISOD X 150 150 linda

According to the IATF 16949:2016 standard, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of information in basic quality documents, which are the flowchart, FMEA, Control Plan and instructions. We have had the first three named in the EISOD X system for a long time, so we are now adding Instructions.

In our view, each instruction is a set of visual, textual and graphical information that is embedded in the organization’s template. In addition, it is linked to a product that is registered in the EISOD X system and its author can easily view related data from other documents, such as a BOM, PFMEA or Control Plan. Parts of the manual can be edited for more similar products (“family” manual).

The editor is suitable for creating production and inspection instructions, defect catalogs and other instructions. The editor includes a catalog of work aids and a catalog of graphic characters, which can be set and supplemented exactly according to the needs of the organization.

The instruction is a managed document, so it has structured access rights and the process of commenting, approving and acquainting employees (document workflow). The operator always has access only to the current version and can easily view the necessary instructions using a link or QR code.

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