Automation of data collection from connected gauges 150 150 linda

Automation of data collection from connected gauges

Smart card readers or measuring instruments connected to a measuring station? EISOD X takes this into account and uses Google Chrome functionality to connect serial ports. If EISOD X is running on a secure network, you click “Connect” for the first time, select your device and you can log in with a smart card, or take subscriptions on a connected caliper or other devices.

Integration platform for data import and synchronization 150 150 linda

Integration platform for data import and synchronization

The fact that our solution is not “a box solution” and its important part is implementation to the customer is evidenced by the fact that we have made considerable efforts to develop an integration platform for importing and synchronizing customer data for immediate use in EISOD X. Products, process operations, measuring tools, customers and your other data can be part of EISOD X from the first moment of its use.

Audits, nonconformities and corrective actions management 150 150 linda

Audits, nonconformities and corrective actions management

The „Audits“ module is suitable for managing all types of audits:

  • internal,
  • external,
  • process audits,
  • system audits of various standards and their combinations (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, IATF 16949 i. e.).

In the EISOD X system you can easily define, follow and manage:

  • Audit program
  • Audit
  • Nonconformity
  • Corrective and preventive action

Audit, nonconformity and action have their own workflow, in accordance with the requirements and terminology of the ISO 19011 standard. It is also possible to choose the alternative WF, which we developed together with our clients.

The system provides various roles for different users. User, who is given a role, gets email notifications with instructions, what exactly is the user expected to do within the workflow. If the employee is not present, deputizing is fully supported:

  • Founder of the program
  • Founder of the audit
  • Manager of the standard
  • Lead and secondary auditors
  • Audited persons
  • Technical experts and observers
  • Audit evaluator
  • Person responsible for the area (for nonconformities)
  • Person responsible for implementing the action

All concerned persons can communicate together easily even in home or distant office, share documents about audits, nonconformities or actions, inform each other about prooves and realized steps. And last but not least, all deadlines are automatically followed a reminded.

Interconnection of EISOD X modules 150 150 linda

Interconnection of EISOD X modules

Information system EISOD X covers all key quality processes with the help of modules that pass the necessary data to each other.

Compliance of information in flowcharts, FMEA, Control Plans and instructions not only saves time and money, but also meets the requirements of IATF 16949:2016. In addition, in EISOD X, the control plan is followed by data collection and analysis using the SPC methodology.

In the same system, you can also manage audits, complaints, or register gauges and technical facilities.

Thanks to multilicense, several people can work on the same project at the same time, and people responsible for different areas can easily transfer data. Our quality management information system can be synchronized with your ERP system.

Instructions in EISOD X 150 150 linda

Instructions in EISOD X

According to the IATF 16949:2016 standard, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of information in basic quality documents, which are the flowchart, FMEA, Control Plan and instructions. We have had the first three named in the EISOD X system for a long time, so we are now adding Instructions.

In our view, each instruction is a set of visual, textual and graphical information that is embedded in the organization’s template. In addition, it is linked to a product that is registered in the EISOD X system and its author can easily view related data from other documents, such as a BOM, PFMEA or Control Plan. Parts of the manual can be edited for more similar products (“family” manual).

The editor is suitable for creating production and inspection instructions, defect catalogs and other instructions. The editor includes a catalog of work aids and a catalog of graphic characters, which can be set and supplemented exactly according to the needs of the organization.

The instruction is a managed document, so it has structured access rights and the process of commenting, approving and acquainting employees (document workflow). The operator always has access only to the current version and can easily view the necessary instructions using a link or QR code.

Generic and family FMEA 150 150 linda

Generic and family FMEA

Starting with the new FMEA “on a green field” is challenging. It is better to take an existing analysis, or parts of it, and modify them accordingly. Thus, Generic and Family FMEA come into play. These are quite common terms, especially since the release of the harmonized methodology. How do these two approaches differ and how do we implement them in the EISOD X system?

Generic (basic) FMEA is the general basis for creating a specific analysis. There can be several cornerstones, e.g. for different process steps. It is permissible to generalize knowledge, requirements, functions and actions so that the same description can be used as a basis for different products. It is assumed that a particular product’s FMEA contains a reference to a generic FMEA, or that the generic FMEA becomes a basis that is further modified according to the particular product.

The family FMEA, on the other hand, is specific from the beginning and represents an analysis for several similar (related products). Minor differences of these products must then be resolved in a separate analysis, or otherwise appropriately incorporated into the family FMEA.

We use both of these approaches in the EISOD X system. When creating a new analysis, we can copy the existing FMEA of a related product, including maintaining all links. This means, that e.g. by modifying a specific failure function in one analysis, this failure function will automatically change in the related FMEA. However, the user always has the option whether to maintain the connection for this particular function (family FMEA principle) or to cancel it and modify each occurrence separately (generic FMEA principle).

Furthermore, there is the possibility, in accordance with the principle of generic FMEA, to “compose” an analysis for a specific product from generally described process steps, or specific steps from other analyzes. Basically, it is a matter of copy/paste, when in a few clicks we transfer a whole group of process elements, functions, failures and actions, which are interconnected, but after copying are no longer bound to the source FMEA.

Does the FMEA issue seem too complicated to you? Contact us, we will be happy to explain everything and display online for you.

Quality plan 150 150 linda

Quality plan

The quality plan is not only a new extension of the Product Catalogue module, but also a smart phone application that supports team cooperation and can be used both online and offline.

Do you have a complex project / product that needs to be tested by a whole team?
The project manager defines the product and the individual workplaces at which the inspections are to be performer in EISOD X.
Employees/team members responsible for performing the inspections log in EISOD X via their PC or in the application via tablet, iPad or mobile phone at their workplace. Then they fill in the required data, upload photos or other attachments.
If the user is not within WiFi range, the application works offline and is synchronized after logging in to the network. Of course, the data connection can also be used, just be careful by uploading e.g. videos as attachments, which can consume the data limit quickly.
The project manager sees all data immediately after upload / synchronization and can display different variants of analysis.

The Quality Plan can be customized and extended according to the customer’s needs.

DMS customization for GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o. 150 150 linda

DMS customization for GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o.

When implementing the EISOD system in a new company, we always pay attention to the requirements and the environment of each customer.
In GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o. we adapted the system to the possibility of logging in via a chip card.
As part of the document import, we helped with setting up the document structure according to the company’s processes, we optimized the workflow for document approval and the related rights settings.
We also provide GRAMMER CZ an active support service, during which we communicate very intensively so that the start of running of EISOD is easy and the new system is positively received by the company employees.

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