Control Plans

The Control plans module responds to the needs of production plants to continuously monitor the quality of production on the production lines in order to achieve the highest possible quality of production.

Module offers a set of functionalities supporting fundamental processes:

  • Creation and management of Control Plans,
  • Generation of outputs in forms of Control Plans, Operation Standards and Check Sheets.

The advantage of this software solution is centralization of Control Plans, interconnection with the products catalog and PFMEA, audit trail of performed controls and unambiguous and continuous validation of control outputs.

Every employee who participates in continuous production quality management has access to the current Operation Standards at any time. All recorded data from Check Sheets are immediately centrally stored, evaluated and, if necessary, notified to the relevant responsible staff.

This enables timely detection of non-compliance in the production quality standards set by Control Plans. Subsequently, change management can be initiated with the imposition of a corrective measure, including validation of the implementation of this measure by revision of the affected Control Plan.

Main module functionalities

  • Control Plans life cycle management
    • Versioning
    • Commenting
    • Approving
    • Controlled actualization
  • Employees always see valid Control Plan
  • Online control records creation on the tablet
  • Continuous and automated data evaluation from machines on lines
  • SPC method evaluation
  • Alert notifications in the case of non-standard data
  • User definition of monitored variables
  • All necessary outputs can be generated in one click
  • Customized reporting in customer templates
  • Multilingual data storage
  • Display the language version of Control Plan according to the logged user
  • Customizable reports (e.g. POKA YOKE production line controls)

Module conception

Control plans creation and management
Control Plans can be created for a specific product version from the product catalog. Each Control Plan can coexist in several unfinished versions. A brand new Control Plan can be created by copying an existing Control Plan. In this case, the maximum information available for the newly bound product is retained. Each version of Control Plan goes through several states within its life cycle. Control Plan can be commented, submitted for approval and, if approved, set its expiration date so that it can be followed from a specific date and time directly during production line inspections. When the Control Plan is updated, the previous current version is marked as closed. The current Control Plan is re-tagged to match the number series, and the other unfinished versions are re-tagged to follow the new current version. All process steps are recorded in the workflow history so that the individual steps can be audited. Control Plan is a set of product and process character checks. Checks are taken from PFMEA when connected to the FMEA module. Control is defined by a specific feature controlled at the set frequencies and evaluation ranges at the selected location of the production line. Locations and their controls can be customized and moved within the Control Plan by simply dragging and dropping them in the Control Plan. Individual Control Plans can be sorted into folders similarly as for example documents. Each folder has adjustable rights so that only employees authorized to perform a specific control over a specific Control Plan or Control Plans folder can manage access permissions

EISOD generates print reports for various parts of Control Plans. Currently, Control Plans, Operation Standards and Check Sheets are supported (daily control, process control, visual control, hatsumono, poka yoke). Customer can be specified for each product in the product catalog. Within the implementation of the system, configuration of print templates for individual customers and mapping of Control Plans data to these templates as well as possible extension of other types of outputs is ensured.

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